Thursday, January 17, 2008

it has been long. hello peeps! (:

helped uncle chan to give flyers with these other 3 jokers. saw lots of dogs and an egg plant.

my"masterpiece" picture. it was 12.30pm in curve and the sun was in the middle.

and this is without sun. the other side of the building.

christmas lunch!

found this is wenxian's hse while i was peeing.

i tried gay nike pro outfit on the last day of work.

meet WAN.

these two sampat friends of mine camwhored with my phone when we had choir practice for watchnight.

year 2008!

dyed my hair black so that i can go to school.
went to dentist before going to malacca.

and i passed by my no.38 house that i used to live last time.leadership training in malacca in some resort. lots n lots of fun and knowledge by bro. bobby! jan 11th-13th.

was bored doing hw ytd till i drew some 'graffiti' of my name. first attempt.

went to curve today and went teh tarik and played with my cup. look at the sides of the cup. i did it.
and this is me now. nerd style is the in thing now ya'll.

i've got so much to say. the past 2 weeks had been hectic for me. my everyday is like fill up with so much stuff especially homework. crazy much! school is like prison. lols probably better than prison lah. but its stil a good place. when i leave school in 2 years time im definitely gonna say i miss sec school days. so better appreciate it now aight? i'll just put some pics to do the talking. :D
*cheers. (:

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