Wednesday, December 5, 2007

dec 2nd. it was a tuesday.

as usual work was... pretty tiring and pretty fun? haha. yeah guess who i saw. i saw hannah lo. the girl from cornetto love perhaps according to wan and andrew. yeah she's some kickboxer. and damn she's hot. haha chinese ang mo-ish? she came to nike. i think is this girl. hot chick? (:

then i went for lunch in madam lim's and i saw the big guy from senario. i dunno wats his name but yeah the guy the hair quite straight one. lols.

then umm. i went for TREASURE HUNT! with all the std6 kids from church. yeah it was from curve to ikano to ikea. everywhere lah. but i went awhile then andrew paul. geez. he, well more like we forgotten to stick the stamps for jangan togel stuff. so i went all the way back to work just to help him. and some msian malay rockstar was there. he looks really familiar but i dont know wats his name.

anywaysss, 4 of us, andrew, andrew paul, wan and i carried all the boxes to post office. on the way guess who we saw.. CHONG WEI! haha the badminton player dude who looks like benjo. XD yeah imagine a badminton player wearing manchester united shirt. weird. benjo's twin brother.

yeah after went back treasure hunt with those kids. laalala didnt really follow em cos i was a lost shepherdwith no sheeps. hahaha.

after treasure hunt. i went to see carrie, shan, jeremy and esther to watch ENCHANTED. it's some twisted fairy tale with cinderella and snow white. and in the end they all switch partners. and they ALL lived happily ever after. AMEN! phew. haha it was too short lah that show. but it was good overall.twisted fairy tale. enchanted.

after the show went to laundry for dinner. i wan pictures! boohoo. bonding time with all my friends. honestly, i really miss those times when we were all so close weih. now it's like. sighs everyones busy n stuff. people change. well it sucks, but life's like this. oh well.. that's bout it lah.

*cheers. (:

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