Friday, December 21, 2007

dec 18th, 19th and 20th. those 3 days.

a picture to entertain yourself. (:

i went to some F.A.M. contract thingy. they sign players n all. yeah was quite boring n all. media ppl came. we prepared nike stuff for like 30 media ppl. and guess what? only 2 fellows turned up. how sad.
kay after tat went back office. i went christmas shopping for myself and my bro. yeap in office. when i went in all the cool stuff was gone d. sad mee. found something in the offic
ronaldo signed this thing man.this thing seems pretty heavy.

i prayed that we're gonna have sales again. and guess wat? GOT SALES AGAIN! so happy lah weih. anyways i bought another 4 pairs of shoes after christmas party in the office. its so happening in the office. had some super nice secret recipe cake. waa nice nice.. miss it man. anyways here are some pics of it.

this is Wan. the guy i assist in work.


early in the morning, i went all the way to pasar seni with church ppl to check out the place we're gonna have christmas party for the street ministry this saturday. sat lrt there. and. i saw GRAFFITI. its like msia has nice graffitis too. well i havent seen it before with my own eyes till now. i read in magazines. its somewhere in kl. but wow nice. and look its at a big longkang. haha i'll learn how to do graffitis some day too!

in the afternoon taught drums. then went to sunway! haha go asian avenue. cheap and reasonable stuffs there. and i went to church for JAMMING SESSION! finally a coloured word. so lazy to put colour lah. yeah Project Gsus. enough said.

*cheers. (:

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