Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freaking Major Trust Issues.

Hey peeps, haven't blogged in a long time.

If your plan was to shatter this heart with all the high hopes that you've assured me, you truely deserve an award for it. My story did not end like Enid Blyton. My story ended with a pretty ugly ending. It ended with "... & he lived sadly " there was not an 'after' at the end of the story cos this is not the end. I hate writing emo posts. You've no idea what you've done seriously. It's a permanent cut you've caused. And I don't think I'm in position to tell you bout those things that I said I wanted to tell you. But there's so much more you needed to know. You didn't really gave me the chance to do it anyways so there's no difference.

I'm going to stop. Guard your heart, please. Words, can kill.

When I wake up, it's a complete different story. Just because God would make a brand new day for me so that I can leave every single inch of burden of my life behind and move on.

& if you lie, you don't deserve to have friends. -cute is what we aim for.

*vanwasere. appreciatingGodcoseverythinghappenedforareason. (:


pekoneko said...

Cuts and pain hurt at the moment but they become scars that turn into stories that you call tell later :-) I hope you got to experience something out of your relationship that shaped you to a differnt person all together. May God be with you and your broken heart.

Smile:] iloveu said...

"im going to stop. Guard your heart, please. words, can kill"

theres so much strength in that and thanks cos i've kinda felt like this recently too. i feel like i should say something great and inspiring to help try and cheer you up but im not sure what to say accept the only words left are cliches of time helping. it'll be hard but eventually it'll hurt less everyday even if its just a tiny amount less than the day before...
*big hugs*

keep on smiling :)

Tom Loby said...

Well said and really nice wording. But this is the fact also, you said in your wordings that "Cute is what we aim for" and I always follow this beliefs. Everyone feels some such moments in his life but you should believe to say "All is Well" and you get the desired strength to face that.

Just move on and God Bless you
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