Friday, October 31, 2008

Finally, coming to an end...

School=Prison? Even my class has prison bars.
okay, this a picture we took when we had nothing to do in the beginning of the year in class. Evreryone is studying so hard just to get good results for exams. Well, it's our responsibility to study as a student now.

School is kinda torturing, except for the friends i meet everyday. Sometimes we just need something in school to keep us going and be all spiced up rather than just wasting our time away learning nothing sometimes. Not to say gaining knowledge is a waste of time but kids in this generation is not learning much from school these days. They,WE learn more in our own social life outside i can say. WISDOM is important in everyone's life. Therefore, gain knowledge. At the same time, balance your life between your social life and studies too. (:

note to self: study smart, don't study hard. I'm just totally bummed up cos exams are finally coming to an end. After a period of one month. Party mode is gonna be turned on at Thursday.

*van was ere. (:

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